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The Sutherland Collection

List of the entire collection, by shelfmark

All these items either contain manuscript entries by Alexander or Charlotte Sutherland, or are labelled with a Sutherland book-plate, save for no. 49 (inscribed 'Ex dono Sutherland' on the front paste-down), and nos 88-90 and 164.

In the lists that follow, items are preceded by the number of their shelfmark (which should be prefixed 'Sutherland' to provide the full shelfmark). They are followed by the date at which they were presented to the Bodleian by Mrs Sutherland. Next is an indication of the extent of the extra-illustrations (if any) which they contain, expressed as the ratio between extra-illustrations and text pages. The final column indicates whether they are now to be found in the Bodleian (B) or Ashmolean (A).

1-3 Charlotte Sutherland, Catalogue of the Sutherland Collection, 3 vols, London, 1837 (large-paper edition; the copy that accompanied the collection) 1837   A
4-6 Charlotte Sutherland, Catalogue of the Sutherland Collection, 2 vols in 3, London, 1837 (small-paper edition) ?   B
7-9 Charlotte Sutherland, Catalogue of the Sutherland Collection, 2 vols in 3, London, 1837 (small-paper edition) ?   A
10-11 Thomas Worlidge, A Select Collection of Drawings from Curious Antique Gems, London (M. Worlidge and M. Wicksteed), 1768 ? 0.322 B
12-16 Thomas Frognall Dibdin, The Bibliographical Decameron, 3 vols in 5, London (the Author), 1817 1843 0.383 B
17-18 Thomas Frognall Dibdin, Aedes Althorpianae … to which is added A Supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, 2 vols, London (Shakspeare Press), 1822 1843 0.004 B
19-22 Thomas Frognall Dibdin, A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, 3 vols in 4, London (the Author), 1821 1843 0.063 B
23-43 Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford, A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 5 vols in 21, London (John Scott), 1806 1843 1.878 B
44-5 J. Heath, A Brief Chronicle Of the Late Intestine War in the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland, 2 vols, London (W. Lee), 1664 [sic = 1663] 1839 0.076 A
46 Josiah Ricraft, A Survey of Englands Champions and Truths faithfull Patriots, with John Leycester, The Civill Warres of England briefly Related from His Majesties first setting up His Standard 1641, To this present Personall hopefull Treaty, London (T. Rodd), 1818 ?   B
47 Sir David Dalrymple ed., An Account of the Preservation of King Charles II after the Battle of Worcester: drawn up by himself, new ed., London (John Scott, E. Harding & T. Ostell), 1803 1839 0.223 A
48 ‘A Gentleman’, A Review of Bishop Burnet’s History Of his Own Times; Particularly, his Characters and Secret Memoirs, London (T. Warner), 1724 ?   B
49 Robert Crawford Dillon, The Lord Mayor’s Visit to Oxford, in the Month of July, 1826, London (Longman, Rees, Orme, Browne, and Green), 1826 ?   B
50 Nathaniel Whittock, London, Westminster and Southwark, as they appeared A.D. 1543, London (Whittock and Hyde), s.d. and id., Southwark and London Bridge as they appeared about 1546, Dorking (Mrs R.B. Ede) , s.d. (the former dated by Brown to 1849[1]) ex-coll.   B
51 Anthonis van den Wyngaerde, The Panorama of London, c.1544 (part of the large volumes (168-71 below), now removed) 1837   A
52 Père Lelong, Liste générale et alphabétique des Portraits graves des françois et françoises illustres, jusqu’en l’année 1775, Paris (Barbeau de la Bruyere), 1809 1839   A
53 Bénard ed., Cabinet de M. Paignon Dijonval: État détaillé et raisonné des dessins et estampes dont il est compose, Paris (Madame Huzard), 1810 1839   A
54 Henry Bromley, A Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, From Egbert the Great to the Present Time, London (T. Payne, J. Edwards, W. Otridge and Son, & R. Faulder), 1793 1839   A
55-60 A parcel of catalogues of print sales (see the summary list of sale catalogues) 1839   A
61 Thomas Wilson, A Catalogue Raisonné of the select Collection of Engravings of an Amateur, London, 1828 1839   A
62 Francis Peck, New Memoirs of the Life and Poetical Works of Mr. John Milton, London, 1740, and id., Memoirs of the Life and Actions of Oliver Cromwell: As delivered in Three Panegyrics of Him, Written in Latin, London (1740) ?   B
63 Richard Burton, Admirable Curiosities, Rarities, and Wonders, in England, Scotland, and Ireland, new ed., Westminster (Machell Stace), 1811; id., The History of the Kingdom of Ireland, new ed., Westminster (Machell Stace), 1811; id., The History of the Kingdom of Scotland, new ed., Westminster (Machell Stace), 1813 ?   B
64 Richard Burton, Historical Remarks on the Ancient and Present State of the Cities of London and Westminster, new ed., Westminster (Machell Stace), 1810; and id., The Wars in England, Scotland and Ireland, new ed., Westminster (Machell Stace), 1810 ?   B
65-6 Count Anthony Hamilton, Memoirs of Count Grammont, a new Translation, 2 vols, London (S. and E. Harding), [1793] 1843 0.37 B
67 Sir Stephen Fox, Memoirs of the Life of Sir Stephen Fox, Kt. From his First Entrance upon the Stage of Action under the Lord Piercy, till his Decease, reprint, London (J. Caulfield), 1807 ? 0.013 B
68 Mary Delany, Letters from Mrs. Delany … to Mrs. Frances Hamilton, 2nd ed., London (Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown), 1820 1843 0.97 B
69-81, 92-103 & 113-17 Edward Hyde, Lord Clarendon, The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, and The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon, illustrated, 32 vols in 55, London, 1837 1837 4.087 A
82-5 Frederick Reynolds, The Life and Times of Frederick Reynolds, 2nd ed., 2 vols in 4, London (Henry Colburn), 1827 1843 0.718 A
86-7 The British Gallery of Contemporary Portraits, being A Series of Engravings of The Most Eminent Persons Now Living or Lately Deceased, in Great Britain and Ireland, 2 vols, London (T. Cadell), 1822 ?   B
88-90 Richard Earlom, Liber Veritatis. Or, a Collection of Two Hundred Prints, after the Original Designs of Claude le Lorrain, in the Collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, 3 vols, London (John Boydell and Hurst, Robinson & Co.), 1777-1819 ?   B
91 [George Marceline], Epithalamium Gallo-Britannicum, London (Thomas Archer), 1625 (accompanied by the large frontispiece) ?   B
104-112 William Shakespeare, The Dramatic Works of Shakspeare, revised by George Steevens, 9 vols, London (John and Josiah Boydell, George and W. Nicol), 1802 ? 0.01 B
118-25, 136-48 & 157-61 Gilbert Burnet, History of his Own Time, illustrated, 26 vols in 38, London, 1837 1837 4.939 A
126-9 Edward Hyde, Lord Clarendon, The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, 3 vols, Oxford (Clarendon Press), 1702-4; and The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon, Oxford (Clarendon Press), 1759 (used by Sutherland to compile his notes) 1837   A
130-31 Gilbert Burnet, History of his Own Time, 2 vols, London (Thomas Ward & the Editor), 1724-34 (used by Sutherland to compile his notes) 1837   A
132 Alexander Hendras Sutherland, Rough Index to Clarendon and Rough Index to Burnett [sic], MS 1837   A
133* Alexander Hendras Sutherland, Wants in the Clarendon, MS ?   A
133 Alexander Hendras Sutherland, Index to Illustrated Clarendon, MS, 1838 1837   A
134 Alexander Hendras Sutherland, Index to Illustrated Burnett [sic], MS, 1838 1837   A
134* Alexander Hendras Sutherland, Wants in the Burnett [sic], MS ?   A
135 Charlotte Sutherland, General Index to Prints in Althorpianae …, Antiquarian & Bibliographical Tour …, Bibliographical Decameron …, Delany’s Letters …, Grammont’s Memoirs …, Life & Times of Frederick Reynolds …, Portfolios …, Royal & Noble Authors …, Tour in Switzerland …, Bramley, 1849 ?   B
149 Select Views of London and its Environs, 2 vols, London (Vernor and Hood, and J. Storer and J. Greig), 1804-5 ?   B
150 [Samuel Woodburn ed.], Ecclesiastical Topography, A Collection of One Hundred Views of Churches, In the Environs of London, 2 vols, London (Cadell & Davies, J. White, and S. Woodburn) and Edinburgh (A. Constable & Co.), 1807 ?   B
151-5 William Coxe, Travels in Switzerland, and in the Country of the Grisons, 3rd ed., London (T. Cadell), 1794, and id., Additions to ‘Travels in Switzerland:’ Containing an Historical Sketch and Notes on the Late Revolution, London (Luke Hansard), 1802, 2 vols in 5 1843 0.67 B
156 [Thomas Bensley], Select Views in Mysore, the Country of Tippoo Sultan; from Drawings taken on the Spot By Mr. Home, London (Mr. Bowyer), 1784 ?   B
162 John Faber, The Kit-Cat Club: Done From the Original Paintings of Sir Godfrey Kneller, London (J. Tonson & J. Faber), 1735 1839   A
163 M. Rigaud, Veuës de France, s.l. (s.n.), s.d. ?   B
164 Henry Swinburne, Picturesque Tour through Spain, London (Edward Orme), 1806 ?   B
165 John Frederick Miller and George Shaw, Cimelia Physica. Figures of Rare and Curious Quadrupeds, Birds, &c. together with Several of the Most Elegant Plants, London (Benjamin and John White and John Sewell), 1796 ?   B
166-7 & 174 C[harlotte] S[utherland], Miscellaneous Prints and Drawings, 3 portfolios (i.e. bound volumes), Merrow, 1839 1843   B
168-71 Large Prints and Drawings, 4 vols in 5 & 1 portfolio, London, 1837 1837   A
172-3 ‘The Artists of Great-Britain’, A Collection of Prints, From Pictures Painted for the Purpose of Illustrating the Dramatic Works of Shakspeare, 2 vols, London (John and Josiah Boydell), 1803 ?   B
175 A portfolio containing two photographic prints, labelled Rome. Photograph on a reduced scale of a drawing owned by Mr. St. Clair Baddeley, 1913 ex-coll.   B

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