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The Sutherland Collection

A note on the printed catalogue

Charlotte Sutherland's catalogue of the collection was published in stages between 1837 and 1838, as Catalogue of the Sutherland Collection, London: Printed by W. M'Dowall, Pemberton Row, Gough Square, 1837. It was published in two editions: a small-paper edition bound into two volumes of 250 copies, and a large-paper edition bound into three volumes of 10 copies intended for presentation. Each edition is paginated differently.

The large paper edition

In Sutherland 1, one of the large paper copies of the catalogue, Mrs Sutherland noted in a printed page bound in after the title-page that, 'Of this edition, ten copies only have been printed, which are placed in the following libraries:
The King's.
The British Museum.
The Bodleian.
The Cambridge University.
Eton College.
Trinity College, Dublin.
The Fitzwilliam Museum.
The Advocates', Edinburgh.
The King's at Paris.
This copy is with the collection.'

(She added, in manuscript, 'And this copy only, has three title pages'.) This statement was followed by letters thanking her for the catalogues from the Bodleian, Cambridge University Library, the British Museum, and the Bibliothèque Royale, bound into the volume. In a manuscript note, also bound in and dated November 1838, Mrs Sutherland added

The preceding letters being the only notices I have had of the reception of the large paper edition of the Catalogue, I remain in ignorance as to whether or not the volumes have been admitted into the respective libraries to which I presented them: I have not therefore wished to risk a further intrusion, and Five Copies only have been printed of the Supplement & Final Additions. Consequently - there are no more than that number of perfect copies of the large paper edition of the Catalogue, which in the original state, consisted of Ten Copies.

Sutherland 1-3 is the large-paper catalogue which accompanied the collection; the Bodleian's copy carries the shelfmark 2590 b. Oxf. 1f.1-3.

Compiling the catalogue

The catalogue was presumably based upon the work begun by Alexander Hendras Sutherland in his rough indices to the Clarendon and Burnet (Sutherland 132), and in the manuscript indices to each work which are dated 1838 on their title-pages, but contain large sections written in Mr Sutherland's hand (Sutherland 133 & 134).

Charlotte Sutherland noted that, in compiling the catalogue, she did not always distinguish between multiple states when they appeared together. After being divided between portraits, topographies and miscellaneous subjects, the works were listed in strictly alphabetical order, by subject, and then by size. She deliberately made no attempt to attribute anonymous prints, and was also extremely cautious in describing as makers those who were listed only as sellers - with the exception of Hollar, and prints which were clearly attributed by her husband. By the time the catalogue was in proof, she no longer had access to the collection at proof stage, and she noted that this may have resulted in some errors being retained.[1]

The preface to the catalogue is dated April 1837; but within a year, Charlotte Sutherland had compiled a supplement (its preface dated April 1838). This contained changes made to the collection as she tried to improve the quality of the plates and remove duplicates, but Mrs Sutherland also took the opportunity to correct errors which had been identified in the catalogue. The unexpected acquisition of another collection occasioned the production of a set of 'final additions' to the catalogue, dated September 1838. Both the supplement and final additions were printed (although, as noted above, not all recipients of the initial catalogue received them), but the copy of the catalogue which remained with the collection (Sutherland 1-3) also contained a series of manuscript alterations made by Charlotte Sutherland. These are summarised on two folios, dated 1839 and 1840 respectively, which are bound into Sutherland 1 just before the reproduction of Alexander Hendras Sutherland's statement of his intentions for the collection. Both sheets note additions made to the collection.

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